Clustering My Healthcare

Clustering is my approach to optimizing my health and wellbeing while meeting the lifelong follow up demands of cancer survivorship.

So, what is it?

Clustering is ALL about being intentional when it comes to medically necessary and predictable appointments that promote my health and wellbeing AND screen for late effects of my cancer treatment.

How do I accomplish this in my life?

  1. I have a master list of every follow up recommendation
  2. I designate the months of my year that I am willing to schedule those appointments (presently, my intervals are either 6 or 12 months and my months are November and May)
  3. When something happens that breaks with my November/May clustering, I simply schedule the next appointment in either November or May: easy-peasy

Why do I cluster? I cluster because I want my healthcare needs/concerns to be addressed within the confines of two months of the year inasmuch as that is possible leaving me with 10 months to myself.

I am a highly capable, well informed individual with a lot of fire in my pants; therefore, I exercise the responsibility I carry for my health and wellbeing with great intention and the utmost compliance without sacrificing the moments I am present to enJOY.

Clustering provides me with 10 out of every 12 months of blissful freedom from a healthcare delivery system that is so, and too often, driven by a disease mindset and would much prefer to view me as a sick individual as opposed to the vital well person that I am.

Cluster with me, won’t you?


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