Little Black Dress: Got One?!

Truth: every wardrobe needs ‘kicky’ little black dress [or black tie] just as every cancer survivor needs a cancer treatment summary [CTS].

A CTS is a detailed summary of your diagnosis, treatment along with your risk profile for late effects and recommendations for future monitoring diagnostics.

A thorough CTS includes the following:

  • Treating Institution
  • Treating Physician
  • Diagnosis, including Primary site
  • Age at Diagnosis
  • Year of Treatment
  • Extent of Disease
  • Surgery: date and type
  • Radiation: Total given, type of radiation, and the area involved in the radiation field
  • Chemotherapy: names of agents and total doses, if applicable [i.e. anthracyclines and alkylators]
  • Personalized Risk Profile
  • Recommended Screening Diagnostics

Late effects monitoring should be done as part of the greater wellness plan and in keeping with the Children’s Oncology Group Survivorship Guidelines.

A copy of your CTS should be given to your Primary Care Provider [PCP] and each specialist involved with your care. You should also have a copy for your records.

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