Happy Birthday to My Heart

Nine [9] years ago right now, my heart was failing because of cancer treatment I received when I was 8 years old.

Twenty-six [26] years ago, a little baby girl was welcomed into the tender loving arms of adoring parents and an anxiously awaiting big sister.

Twenty-six [26] years ago, the donor of this heart I now carry was born; that baby girl had grown into a budding young adult,17 years young when she died tragically in a car accident.

I’ve seen her baby pictures, the strawberry hemangioma on her right cheek, and her prom pictures.

She is real to me.

How could she not be real to me as her heart has taken residence within my chest, her heart pumps lifeblood throughout my body?

Today is her birthday, my heart’s birthday. 

Even after almost 9 years of navigating the deep waters of being a heart recipient due to heart failure directly caused by cancer treatment I received as a child, there are still times when I don’t quite know how to walk through days like this one.

While I grieve her loss, I celebrate her life: THIS day, every day.

Happy birthday to my heart!


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