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I am Stephanie D. Zimmerman: wife to John and mom to our son.

I am a childhood cancer survivor [Ewing’s Sarcoma].

I am a former Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner in Late Effects/Survivorship and a heart transplant recipient.

I am a trailblazer, an advocate, and a paraclete [one who walks along side another during the good times AND the challenging times].

I am fueled by three little words that break my heart: I NEVER Knew!

Sadly, it is the rare survivor who knows the specifics of the cancer treatment they received and the potential implications past treatment can have on future health and wellbeing.

Therefore, I have devoted my professional life to educating and equipping children, teens, young adults, and their families about their past cancer treatments and how to optimize the wellness.

We, survivors, have the opportunity to serve as our greatest obstacle or a greatest champion.

The decision is ours to make.

Will we choose to live in denial, under-informed, or mis-informed


will we become informed?

Welcome to Surviving Survivorship where Informed is the New Black.



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